How to use Pom Poms.

Decorating with Pompoms

      Start by fluffing the pom pom & separating all of the plastic layers or plies from each other to get the most elegant & full effect. Work your way around on each layer or ply.  It takes a little time but it is well worth it. 

Attaching the Pom Pom

      There are several methods you can use. They all work very well & do not take long to complete, so choose which ever method you feel best suites you & your situation.  To achieve a very elegant look for a wedding, graduation, anniversary etc., purchase some of our matching or contrasting tulle netting that is on a 6" or 9" roll. There is 25 yds. per roll so you will not need to buy usually more than one or two rolls.  Cut a long piece of tulle (perhaps 6-12 feet).  Attach the pompom to the tulle by either stapling or twisting the pompom wire around the tulle, spreading them out every few inches. This will create a streamer effect. Two or three colors of poms looks very nice. Tie the tulle onto car parts such as antennas, wipers, bumpers, trunk latches or hinges, grills etc. The tulle is soft & will not scratch the finish and is easy to remove when the event is over. Be creative & stagger the lengths on different areas of the vehicle. When the vehicle is being driven the pompoms flow softly behind. These long streamers can also be used to help decorate arches, arbors, pew seating, tables, doorways, etc. Use your imagination!

     An alternative to the tulle is to use a wide 2-3" ribbon, using the same method. Tulle netting, ribbon & pompoms are all waterproof so there is no worries about color fading or melting if they get wet. 

     Attach pom poms directly onto tire rims, glass, chrome etc. with the use of our Pom Pom Car Tape.  The Pom Pom Car Tape is designed to be used on cars, on gel coated surfaces & painted surfaces. It is designed to stay on during most weather conditions providing it is applied to a dry surface to begin with during normal temperatures & can easily be removed without leaving a residue or harming the surface.  Please note it is not suitable to use on freshly painted or freshly finished surfaces especially if the surface has not had a change to completely cure.  It is also not meant to be left on a surface for more than a couple of days.    Do not use tape if the surface is rusted or scratched or too old as it may not stick well.

     Depending on the occasion you can also cut out a piece of white cardboard in a shape that is fitting for the event. Tape, glue, staple (or whatever) the pompoms to the edge of the cutout shape or you can completely fill in the shape with pompoms. The cut out shape can then be attached to the trunk, front grill or what ever works according to the vehicle or room decoration. To add a little bling, purchase a spray adhesive, spray the pompom lightly with the adhesive & dust with an iridescent or colored glitter! Shake off excess glitter. Do this over a large piece of newspaper so that the excess glitter falls on the paper & can be re-used on the next pompom.

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